Ditch the drones!  Drones are at an all time high per hour, ranging from $300 – $500 costing thousands on simple jobs.   In this strained economy, why waste your time with unpredictable R/C Hobbyists when you can quickly and affordably access 4K resolution aerial photos and video for an affordable price!

Over 15 Years of aerial marketing experience!

We were one of the pioneering companies in 2009 to start the “drone” revolution.  We quickly learned that no matter what the future holds, drones will never be able to out perform, out price or exceed in quality from the traditional Aerial Photography methods.

And it’s proven in our cost and quality!

Video See the Difference!

Services What we can do

Sports and Music

Stunning videos in 4K UHD to promote your sports or music events, products, or services. Provide your customers with a truly engaging experience.

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Wedding and Events

From once-in-a-lifetime venues to beautiful aerial narratives, the creative possibilities for weddings are endless.

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Ditch the Scary Drones!
and the High Price

Our aerial photographers can beat any drone price, and exceed their photo quality.  Plus Sphere Aviation has scheduled flights every week. 

We’re so confident you’ll love Sphere Aviation that we are willing to give you a complimentary test flight!

Send us a property, venue or location and watch how quickly we get to work making it look amazing from the air, all at no cost to you.

Try it out and see for yourself!

Testimonials What our clients say

Chris and his team are fast, efficient and provide high quality for a great value.  When he says he beats any drone price he means it!  He has made it affordable for me to get multiple aerial photos and video at a fraction of the cost.

Stephanie Sawin